Introducing “TaxDox” Tax Document Retrieval Process

TaxDox Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) website ( allows taxpayers to collect electronic tax documents from the IRS within 48-72 hours. Using an eSigned IRS Form 4506-T, taxpayers can request personal tax returns, business tax returns, wage and income transcripts, etc., from the IRS, and download them in PDF format directly from TaxDox.

TaxDox is available to anyone who needs to quickly obtain tax documents from the IRS but cannot use the IRS “Get Transcript” tool on This is especially useful for students and parents who are completing their school’s federal or institutional verification process, or private student loan borrowers and co-borrowers who are applying for credit-based loans and need income verification.

Schools do not need to have a business relationship with ProEd or TaxDox for students and parents to use this service. Instead, the taxpayer creates their own account online to request and receive their tax data, then submits it to their respective school or loan company.

“We are pleased to offer TaxDox to help students and their parents to electronically retrieve their own tax documents online. This service will alleviate the difficulty of turning in paper tax documents, particularly when students and financial aid staff are homebound. Specifically, it will help students to quickly comply with federal and institutional verification and/or private loan application credit requirements. We think creative solutions like this are essential during times of uncertainty. We believe TaxDox will have a profound and positive impact for students and their families, as well as colleges and universities as they navigate the uncharted waters ahead.” – Dr. Paul Gilroy, President.


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