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We are looking for dynamic and progressive individuals to serve as Financial Aid Consultants. Our positions provide exceptional financial aid assistance, counseling, and education to as many qualified students as possible who wish to seek degrees. This position also processes federal, state, private and institutional aid. We are an equal opportunity employer employing financial aid professionals nation wide.

Call Center Consultant

Job Description: Assist financial aid offices by answering phone call and e-mail inquiries from students and parents concerning their specific financial aid questions. This position requires you to determine how many days and hours you would like to work per day. Most positions require being available during the normal work day. Communication Consultants can work either full or part-time. A general knowledge of financial aid is required. Communication Consultants will be given scripts for answering general questions, but will also have “view” access to our client college financial aid systems so that specific questions can be answered for the student/parent. ProEd will provide all school policies and procedures.

The consultant is responsible for:

(a) Answering the phone during the agreed upon hours each day/week,
(b) Responding to e-mail inquiries,
(c) Following all school policies and procedures with respect to financial aid services,
(d) Following established communication protocols with school personnel, (e) Keeping a log of all responses to e-mails.

Requirements: All consultants must pass a criminal background check conducted by ProEd.

Financial Aid Consultant

Job Description: The Consultant will assist ProEd’s college client financial aid offices in completing the school’s “backroom” financial aid processes like verification, R2T4, SAP, etc. The consultant will access the school’s mainframe and imaging system through a Virtual Machine and VPN connection provided by ProEd and the school. If the documentation is unclear or incomplete, the consultant completes request additional information.

The consultant is responsible for:

(a) Demonstrating knowledge and expertise in a given financial aid process,
(b) Becoming familiar with and following the school’s specific guidelines and policies,
(c) Using ProEd’s secure web-based portal and work queues

Requirements: All consultants must pass a criminal background check conducted by ProEd. Consultants must also pass a training and assessment process to determine the level of proficiency in completing assigned work.

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