1 ProVerify: Auto-Verification

ProEd’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution “ProVerify” performs automatic verification of ISIR data. Students and their parents DO NOT have to obtain a tax transcript from the IRS. We do it for them! All students need to do is complete two eSign forms in our system.

2 Comprehensive Consulting

ProEd provides a wide variety of general financial aid consulting, outsourcing and auditing services. Because we employ financial aid professionals only, we are in the unique position of having subject matter experts on virtually every financial aid topic.

3 Call Center

Our communication services are well known throughout the financial aid industry for: (a) high answer rate, (b) quick response time, (c) average talk time and (d) exceptionally low abandon rate.

4 ProDoc Higher Ed

ProDoc excels in handling e-signatures from multiple parties on one or more documents. No more incomplete or unsigned documents. ProDoc builds smart logic and error checking to insure documents are completed in their entirety.ProDoc is E-Sign and UETA compliant.

5 Remote Processing / Outsourcing

Our services are high quality, speedy and affordable. Here are some of the main processing and audit functions ProEd performs for colleges:

  • Federal Verification
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) reviews and appeals
  • Professional Judgment (PJ) reviews
  • Return of Title IV (R2T4) calculations

6 Training

Many of our clients have taken advantage of this training program as a way to train new entrants into the profession as well as refresh and update veteran aid officers. We have provided Title IV Federal Student Aid training to financial aid offices since 2005.

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ProEd provides the following Enrollment Services:

State Residency Evaluation

ProEd evaluates students claims for state residency based on the documentation and makes a determination if the student is eligible for instate tuition. This service lifts the burden of evaluating the deluge of forms submitted by students every semester.


High School Transcript Evaluation

We offer evaluation services of high school transcripts to ensure the student graduated and that an official high school transcript is on file.


Post-Secondary Transcript Evaluation

Our transcript equivalency evaluation services provide an evaluation service. This service will provide an evaluation of the coursework on post-secondary transcripts received by the school and merge them into the school’s master transcript for each student.


Open employment opportunities:

If you are interested in applying for a consulting position with ProEd please submit an application by clicking a link below.

  1. Financial Aid Consultant
  2. Call Center Consultant
  3. Enrollment Services Consultant
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ProDoc eliminates multiple processing steps including handling, scanning, linking, storing or shredding documents. This greatly reduces costs and frees up staff time to perform more essential work. Most importantly, ProDoc forms are compliant with all federal and state electronic signature requirements.

  • Saves Money and Time: Schools can save thousands of dollars in document handling costs by eliminating paper and static or “fillable” PDF forms to download, print and return to the aid office.
  • Improves the Student Experience: Allows schools to communicate with students using their mobile phone. Students get immediate confirmation that their documents were received.
  • Reduction in Document Processing Time: Eliminates multiple processing steps.
  • Availability: Student’s ability to sign any form at any time of day from any computer, smart device, i.e., phone, tablet or computer. Students and their parents complete e-sign and submit all forms online 24/7/365.
% of Consultants with Advanced Degrees

(mostly MBA)

Years of Experience in Financial Aid
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History of ProEd

Founded in 2001, ProEd is a full-service financial aid outsourcing, auditing, and consulting company. We were one of the first companies to pioneer a fully remote processing business model to assist schools with “backroom” financial aid work. Now, we provide a wide array of services including: remote processing, call center, E-sign document platform, general consulting and Title IV Federal Student Aid training.

Meet our team

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