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ProVerify Financial Aid Solutions

ProVerifier+ Financial Aid Solutions

ProVerifier+ Financial Aid Solutions is an automated verification solution that retrieves electronic tax data directly from the IRS within 72 hours of completing an e-Signed IRS Form 4506-T. Students and their parents do not have to obtain a tax transcript from the IRS. Let ProVerifier+ Financial Aid Solutions do the work for you!

ProVerify Financial Aid Solutions

ProVerifier Basic Financial Aid Solutions

This solution also incorporates the 350+ Smart Rules, featured in ProVerifier+ Financial Aid Solutions, but does not retrieve tax data directly from the IRS. The students are responsible for uploading their tax documents to our secure student portal. This solution is available for seamless mid-year transition without the need to modify the school’s process or student communications.

ProVerify Financial Aid Solutions
ProVerify Financial Aid Solutions

TaxDox allows schools to retrieve tax data directly from the IRS through our API without using the ProVerifier+ Student Dashboard. Tax data is pushed in a PDF format via a Secure FTP to schools within 72 hours of the student completing the IRS Form 4506-T. Reduce student confusion and decrease processing time with TaxDox.

ProVerify Financial Aid Solutions


ProDoc is our electronic signature service powered by Adobe Acrobat Sign. With ProDoc, students have the ability to complete and submit forms electronically from a smartphone or computer. Forms handle multiple signatures with ease and efficiency. Eliminates processing steps including document handling, scanning, linking, storing and shredding.

ProVerify Financial Aid Solutions

Call Center

A fully staffed call center for both inbound and outbound projects. Our Call Center provides extensive knowledge in financial aid and admissions processes. Our high quality customer care services allow schools to focus on operational processes. There are no setup or training fees. We bill on a per call basis; making us the most cost effective option on the market.

ProVerify Financial Aid Solutions

ProWork Remote Processing

ProEd offers a variety of remote processing services used together or separately. With ProWork Remote Processing, we help college clients with day-to-day backroom processes. Remote processing services include:

  • Return of Title IV (R2T4) calculations,
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) reviews and appeals,
  • Professional Judgment (PJ) or Special Circumstance reviews,
  • Cost of Attendance Adjustments,
  • Clock Hour and non-standard aid eligibility, packaging and awarding,
  • Need analysis and corrections,
  • Term-based aid packaging and awarding,
  • Federal Work-Study administration,
  • Electronic Data Exchange to include data loads and transfers,
  • Direct Loan and Pell reconciliation tool for resolving loan/grant aid discrepancies
  • Direct Loan certification for standard, non-standard and clock hour programs for both Scheduled (SAY) and Borrower Based Academic Year (BBAY) programs.
ProVerify Financial Aid Solutions

Interim Staffing

ProEd provides professional interim staffing assistance for all levels of financial aid operations. We have a customized process to match the right candidate with every institution. Our consultants are able to serve as temporary staff during peak processing times or occupy vacancies due to staff turnover or medical/ maternity leave. We ensure the hire transition is seamless, resulting in measurable results. Our experts average thirty years of financial aid administrative experience and offer advanced expertise in all common student information systems. ProEd’s Interims Directors are experienced professionals with niche skills qualified to fill an unexpected vacant position, take control of any project or cover long-term leave. They use their experience to guide the team and ensure deadlines are satisfied. In addition, our experts analyze the internal operations of the office and make suggestions for improvements, therefore providing the new Director an optimal position to start from.

ProVerify Financial Aid Solutions

ProEddy Financial Aid Chatbot

ProEddy Financial Aid Chatbot is a new implementation within our ProVerifier+ Financial Aid Solutions. With ProEddy Chatbot, students are able to get answers to verification questions 24/7/365. Students now have access to immediate responses to verification questions at their finger tips, reducing phone calls and lines in the financial aid office. ProEddy Chatbot builds the best possible messaging experience for students. ProEddy Financial Aid Chatbot provides personalized support and improves the student experience.

ProVerify Financial Aid Solutions

Partial Assessments, Program Reviews & Audits

ProEd is a powerhouse for financial aid services, offering compliance audits, operational assessments, and program reviews assistance. Our compliance audits provide a comprehensive analysis of an institution’s adherence to regulatory guidelines and thorough reports which evaluate the strength and weakness of compliance preparations, security policies, user access controls, and risk management procedures. ProEd’s operational assessments provide a custom evaluation of your institutions financial aid operations with a focus on improving automation, workflows, communication, leadership management, and organizational structure. Our assessments make recommendations to address issues, improve operations and prevent audit issues and fiscal penalties.

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frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of our most common asked questions. I you do not find the answer you are looking for you can reach us by phone or email.
Do we get proof of non-filing and transcripts from the IRS?

Yes, with ProVerifier+ Financial Aid Solutions we electronically retrieve both proof of non-filing and tax transcripts from the IRS. The student electronically files a Tax Form 4506-T and a Verification Worksheet. We take care of the rest.

What type of data integrations are needed?

Our solution is easily integrated into any school system requiring very little IT resources. We automatically push all documents directly to the schools’ imaging system without indexing or scanning. If no imaging system exists, all documents can be viewed directly in ProVerifier+ Financial Aid Solutions. Our solution eliminates the risk of students obtaining the incorrect tax documents or giving up on the process altogether

What security measures do you have in place?

Outsourcing can include complex privacy and data security issues, which must be taken into consideration when choosing a vendor. Security is a top priority due to the sensitive nature of the material involved.  We use a world class secure infrastructure that is Federal Information Security Management Act Compliant and purposely selected for its scalability and security.

Are your solutions flexible to accommodate individual school needs?

Yes, of course! We have a variety of unique solutions to accommodate any school need. We are able to provide services regardless of size or Information System. Our solutions are compatible with any information system or imaging system. We work with them all. Our different solutions provided are: ProVerifier+ Financial Aid Full Service (outsourced model), ProVerifier+ Financial Aid Software as a Service (SaaS model), ProVerifier Basic, TaxDox, ProWork.

Can we speak with some of your former/current clients?

Due to confidentiality issues, we are not allowed to provide a complete list of clients. Although we are able to provide a list of approved references upon request.

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