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ProVerifier+ Automated Verification Solution

ProVerifier+ automatically and dynamically identifies and resolves conflicts to student/parent data for 60% of verification cases with zero human intervention, thereby cutting the workload by more than half! ProVerifier+ features include:

  • TaxDox1 obtains electronic tax data for student and parents directly from the IRS via IVES within 72 hours of completion of an IRS Form 4506-T/C (Request for Tax Transcript).
  • ProEd-Xtract – Optical Character Recognition/Intelligent Document Recognition & Extraction is used to extract electronic data from tax and other documents uploaded by the student/parent. This process converts any file format into usable electronic data that can be analyzed by the system.
  • DocuSign eSign verification documents are embedded within the Student Portal making it easy and simple for students and parents to complete verification online using their smart phones or other mobile devices. DocuSign is the world leader in eSign technology. All documents are ESIGN Act, UETA and ADA compliant.
  • Over 400+ Proprietary “Smart Rules” automatically compares all source documents and identifies and resolves all data conflicts virtually eliminating human error.
  • Interview Styled Guided Form Completion is a question/answer process for the Verification Worksheet (VW) that checks students answers against their ISIR in real-time so they know if what they originally reported is different than what they are reporting on the VW. If the VW data is different than the FAFSA students/parents are given the opportunity to accept or change their answer to avoid data conflicts.
  • Comment Code (C-Code) Resolution enables ProVerifier+ to identify and resolve most C-Codes in addition to verification data conflicts.
  • Google Translator allows ProVerifier to be used in over 100 different languages.
  • ProEddy Chatbot is a customized knowledge base providing answers to student questions 24/7/365 from any device. The Chatbot also communicates with students in over 100 different languages!
  • Student Portal and Document Checklist for secure mobile upload of all supporting documents.

Over 75 colleges and universities nationwide now use ProVerifier+ for all their verification work.

“We are pleased to offer ProVerifer+ to help students complete the verification process all online and faster than any other solution currently on the market. In my 40 years of working in the financial aid industry, I can honestly say there’s simply nothing else like it. Schools have options of using the technology in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment where nothing is outsourced to our company. Or they can completely outsource all of the work to us. We encourage colleges of all types and sizes to use this system to make it easier and faster for students and financial aid staff. Statistically, we have documented evidence that ProVerifer+ is twice as fast as processing verification cases in the traditional manner. Seeing is believing. Schedule a demo today! We guarantee you and your colleagues will be very impressed.”

– Dr. Paul Gilroy, President.

To schedule a no obligation demo of the ProVerifier+ system, send
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1 TaxDox is a proprietary cloud‐based software platform designed and owned by ProEd and is included in the
ProVerifier+ subscription price. See
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