Past NASFAA Chairs Join ProEducation Solutions!

Uncategorized / 18.12.2015

For Immediate Release: Contact: Paul J. Gilroy, Ph.D. (877) 761-7001.


We are honored to announce that four (4) Past NASFAA Chairs have joined the ProEd Team!!

ProEd is privileged to have a distinguished work pool of over 600+ practicing and retired financial aid professionals who possess five (5) or more years of direct financial aid experience. This has greatly contributed to the outstanding quality of services we provide our college and university clients. Among this group is an elite core of Past NASFAA Chairs who have served in a wide variety of capacities, most notably:

  • conducting operational reviews/assessments and Title IV training,
  • writing Policy and Procedure Manuals (PPM),
  • processing verification cases under our highly acclaimed “Verification Assistant,”
  • answering phone calls under our “Communication Assistant” call center services.

They have provided invaluable guidance to our management team and have been a tremendous resource for our company and most importantly our college and university clients.

Mr. Irv Bodofsky,
NASFAA Chair (1999-2000)
Mr. David Gruen,
NASFAA Chair (2009-2010)
irvin David_Gruen
Ms. Rachael Lohman,
NASFAA Chair (2000-2001)
Dr. William Irwin,
NASFAA Chair (1987-88)
Rachel Lohman william-irvin

ProEd is a full service financial aid consulting company. Our services for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 include:

  1. Remote Processing File Review Services: includes Federal Verification, ISIR review, packaging and awarding financial aid, loan certification, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) review, and Professional Judgment (PJ). ProEd will continue to offer our industry low prices, which have remained constant since the inception of the program. We guarantee confidentiality of data to meet your IT and security needs.
  2. Communication services: includes answering the phones for the financial aid office using our six (6) call centers blended with our exclusive “Center-less” call-center. We also respond to student e-mails and provide “live chat” services. Calls are answered in less than two (2) seconds with an average talk time of just 2.5 minutes. We can answer 95% of the questions that students ask about their financial aid.
  3. Full consulting services: includes a full assessment of the financial aid operations and systems, compliance audits, assistance with program reviews, staff training and more.
  4. Interim Financial Aid Personnel: We can provide interim directors, associate and assistant directors as well as other financial aid professionals, including technical staff to provide electronic file transfers on an interim or on-going basis.

All of our services give you a team of seasoned financial aid professionals that hit the ground running; all without displacing your current workforce or disrupting your operations. All staff has passed a financial aid proficiency test and a nationwide background check.

ProEd guarantees a speedy turnaround on our file review services — even during the busy review months of June, July and August. We promise to exceed your workload expectations!

On our communication services, we don’t just answer the phone; we answer the students’ questions. Our experienced team of financial aid professionals will have access to your systems so that they can answer the specific questions that students routinely ask.

We are confident that there is no other company that can provide you with the highest quality and efficiency, tremendous speed, and lowest prices than ProEd. In the last year ProEd has processed over 111,000 verifications alone!!

Put ProEd to work for you. Don’t delay, call us today. Make your plans now for 2011-2012.

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