Florida State College at Jacksonville selects ProEd for SAP Audit

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Florida: FSCJ to Pay $4.7 Million for Pell Grants and Financial Aid Problems

Florida State College at Jacksonville owes the federal government a $515,000 penalty on top of
millions more in errantly awarded Pell Grants,” the Florida Times-Union reports. “The college
expects to pay $4.7 million for students who received Pell Grants or federal loans they shouldn’t
have during a two-year period, according to data provided by an FSCJ spokesman Tuesday. The
numbers came at the end of an outside review conducted by ProEducation Solutions, a Sarasota-based
consulting firm, which was hired after the U.S. Department of Education suggested the
college contract out the work. The college awarded those students a combined $4.2 million in
federal grants during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 academic years and now must repay that to the
Department of Education. An email from Steve Bowers, FSCJ vice president of administrative
services, shows financial aid workers awarded grants or loans to about one-third of applicants who
initially had been rejected but gained approval following an appeal.

Click here to read the full article in The Florida Times-Union

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